Enviro Panel Discussion

It’s Time to Panic

As Greta Thunberg, the internationally acclaimed teen activist, tells us — and world leaders — it’s time to panic.  Some 60% of vertebrate species have gone extinct in the past 50 years.  Climate change is already causing unprecedented extreme weather and threatens to cause starvation and war.  Animal agriculture is a leading cause of species extinction and climate change.  On this panel, you will hear from John Stone, a Carleton University professor and environmental geologist and Karolina Krym, who studied mass extinction at the University of Ottawa. They will discuss the science around species extinction, climate change, and animal agriculture. We’ll also be joined by Annie Bernatchez, a doctoral student and social scientist, and Ikram Abdul, a young animal rights activist, who will talk about how to take the action we all need to take to save the planet.

Join us as our moderator, Pamela Tourigny, the festival’s co-founder and a known voice in the vegan community, leads the discussion before welcoming questions from the floor.

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Pamela Tourigny
John Stone
Karolina Krym
Annie Bernatchez
Ikram Abdul