Mark Petersen

LQP and Mutual Funds licensed

Mark is a financial services broker with a personal focus on Socially Responsible Investments. He only invests in companies that undergo a strict, and continuous, evaluation on sustainability, environmental impact, and ethics. This means no animal agriculture, including dairy farms. He has been part of the vegan community for over 2 years and volunteers as Treasurer for VegOttawa. Matching his values with his passion for helping Canadians creates very strong relationships with clients.

Investing in Alignment with Your Ethics

Change the world! Learn what investment funds are, and the evaluation process a company goes through in order to be included in a fund. Mark will discuss what a company needs to do to qualify as ethical. If you have, or want, investments such as RRSPs, TFSAs, and RESPs, Mark can explain how to move them so they align with your ethics.

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