Chef Omer from Chickpeas

After a six-month stint in Lyon, France, followed by much time spent in Lebanon learning how to prepare chickpeas and chickpea dishes from scratch, Omer Abdallah realized we have it all wrong in North America where our food is canned, frozen, and preserved – and flavour is lost in the process. Upon his return to Ottawa, Omer left marketing and – with the help of his dad and brother – opened Chickpeas at Trainyards, Ottawa’s only kitchen that uses 100% organic chickpeas in traditional recipes with a modern twist.

Beans are the New Beef

Learn and laugh with Omer as he shares tips on how to handle not just his favourite pulse, the chickpea, but fava beans and lentils too. Need some inspo and recipes? We’ve got those. Questions about other pulses? Stay for the Q&A. You’ll also get to sample chickpeas that are fresh vs canned. Can YOU taste the difference?

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