Deb Gleason

Deb Gleason is a former homicide detective turned certified holistic nutritionist and vegan chef. The realization that cheeseburgers are more deadly than guns was the inspiration for Deb to dedicate her life to empowering holistic wellness through plant-based food choices. In 2011 Deb founded her own vegan coaching business focused on inspiring health through a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. She offers group cooking classes, corporate and private workshops, and individual nutrition coaching services.

The Cultural Coma of Food

Join Deb for the launch of her newest cookbook, For the Love of Vegan CookingFresh & Easy Recipes To Make Your Tummy Swoon, plus an exploration into who we are if we’re not buying into the cultural coma of food. Deb will share how veganism is not a rejection of culinary abundance but a rejection of the invisible agreements that bind us to conformity and sameness. Come explore what is possible when we stop consuming other people’s beliefs, and instead create the world we would like to live in through our daily food choices.

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