Deb Gleason

Deb Gleason is a former homicide detective turned certified holistic nutritionist and vegan chef. The realization that cheeseburgers are more deadly than guns was the inspiration for Deb to dedicate her life to empowering holistic wellness through plant-based food choices. In 2011 Deb founded her own vegan coaching business focused on inspiring health through a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. She offers group cooking classes, corporate and private workshops, and individual nutrition coaching services.

In 2018 Deb published her first cookbook, The Vegan Comfort Kitchen: Simple, Delicious and Deeply Satisfying Plant-Based Recipes. Her latest book, For The Love Of Vegan Cooking: Fresh & Easy Recipes To Make Your Tummy Swoon, will be launched at Ottawa Veg Fest. She contributed several recipes featured in Gene Baur’s book, Living the Farm Sanctuary Life: The Ultimate Guide to Eating Mindfully, Living Longer and Feeling Better Every Day. Deb’s personal story from homicide detective to vegan champion has also been highlighted in Deb Ozarko’s book, Unplug: 26 People Share How They Recharge and Reconnect to Passion, Presence and Purpose. Deb also produced and hosted a 13-episode vegan cooking show called, Plant-Powered Kitchen with a TV station in the lower mainland of BC.