John Stone

John Stone is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Carleton University. He received a Ph.D. in Chemical Spectroscopy and an Honours B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Reading UK. He held Post-Doctoral Fellowships with the National Research Council of Canada and the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. He is a member of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Scientific Committee, an Associate Editor of Environmental Reviews and a Board member of the Pembina Institute. 

 His experiences since retiring from the Canadian Public Service in 2005 include: Visiting Fellow, International Development Research Council. Prior to retiring he served as Executive Director (Climate Change) for the Meteorological Service of Canada, Environment Canada. His current and past professional responsibilities include: Member of the Bureau of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), specifically as Vice-chair of Working Group I for Third Assessment Report and Vice-chair of Working Group II for Fourth Assessment Report. He was most recently a Lead Author for the Fifth Assessment Report.