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Cost of Admission:  $5 (children under 12 are free)


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Finding the RA Centre


Can I come and solicit Veg Fest patrons to sign my petition, sign up for my mailing list, join my cause, patronize my business?

If you are not an exhibitor or approved partner, it is not permitted or appropriate to solicit Ottawa Veg Fest visitors. Many hundreds of hours go into organizing this event, and the vast audience that it draws are not yours to capitalize on at will. It’s a private event at a private venue.  It is disrespectful of the many exhibitors who have invested time, money and energy into their participation in the event.

Can we partner / cross-promote?

At this point – less than three weeks until the event – we are not able to entertain new elements or cross promotions.  This event is put on with a skeleton team.

Is Ottawa Veg Fest a vegan event?

Ottawa Veg Fest exists to promote and celebrate vegan lifestyle, products and services.  We do our very best to ensure that each and every participating exhibitor is aware of this, as well as what vegan means.

I’m not a vegan. Am I welcome at Ottawa Veg Fest?

Oh hell yeah you are! In fact, Ottawa Veg Fest is literally FOR you. Our mission is to educate and inspire people to try and move towards plant based and vegan alternatives, for whatever reason moves you.  Even if you think, “omg I could never be a vegan,” we want you to come and let us at least show you how delicious and amazing our lifestyle is!

Will I leave Ottawa Veg Fest hungry?

This is wholly unlikely.  Incredibly improbable. If you are paralyzed and don’t know what to eat, please approach an event volunteer, or search #OttawaVegFest on Instagram for inspiration.

Will there be samples on Ottawa Veg Fest?

Yes! Many of our exhibitors will offer free samples. Even more will offer “small plates” so that you can try a variety of options.

What kind of payments do your exhibitors take?

Many of our exhibitors take Square (credit card) but some take only cash.  There is an ATM at the RA Centre but in previous years it ran out of money because what can we say, vegans are really good at spending money.  There are also banks at the Billings Bridge Shopping Centre.  We strongly recommend bringing a wad full of cash if you expect to spend money.

Is there parking at the RA Centre?

Yes, and it’s free! We also encourage you to consider taking public transit (the Billings Bridge and Heron Transitway stops are a few hundred metres away) or cycling – it’s right on the Riverside bike paths!   Also if you’re not totally sure how to find us, Siri can help too.

Is this RA Centre accessible?

Yes, it is.  If you face any issues at all with accessibility please alert an event volunteer so that we can help you.

Why is there an admission fee this year?

Veg Fest was for many years a labour of love, but is now the actual job of its organizer (who co-organized it for free for four years)!  An admission fee was required in order to ensure that the event is sustainable, and has someone to organize it.  It’s a pile of work – about 1,000 hours for the primary organizer alone! And we think $5 is a pretty nominal fee.

Meet the Ottawa Veg Fest Team

Pamela Tourigny 
Director, Ottawa Veg Fest



Pamela Tourigny co-founded Ottawa Veg Fest in 2008, and co-organized it as a volunteer for its first four years. She has been vegan for more than 13 years and has tirelessly advocated to make Ottawa a more vegan-friendly place to be.

She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism, and has worked for 15 years in marketing, public relations and communications, for the past 5 specializing in marketing and brand management for vegan/healthy products, and retail marketing. With her company V Brand Management she works mostly with small businesses that need high level input and strategy, and/or assistance with execution.

Pamela has been a leader within Ottawa’s veg community for nearly a decade. She was the founding president of the National Capital Vegetarian Association and served on its board of directors for 8 years. She hosted monthly vegan potlucks for four years, has organized dozens of vegan events, and has raised thousands of dollars for animal-related charities.

She founded Vegan Eats Ottawa in 2015, which includes a map-based directory of vegan food and services in the National Capital Region (with 15,000+ views), as well as a Facebook page (2,700 followers), Instagram (2,600 followers) and regular e-newsletter (700+ subscribers).

After five years away from Ottawa Veg Fest she is thrilled that this labour of love is now her job!

V Brand Management

Dee Campbell
Presentation and Education Manager

Shannon Riley Milling
Social Media Marketing Manager


Nem Belair
Volunteer Coordinator