Panel Discussion

It’s Time to Panic

As Greta Thunberg, the internationally acclaimed teen activist, tells us — and world leaders — it’s time to panic.  Some 60% of vertebrate species have gone extinct in the past 50 years.  Climate change is already causing unprecedented extreme weather and threatens to cause starvation and war.  Animal agriculture is a leading cause of species extinction and climate change.  On this panel, you will hear from two scientists: Amber Dyck, a Master’s student and biologist; and John Stone, a Carleton University professor and environmental geologist. They will discuss the science around species extinction, climate change, and animal agriculture. We’ll also be joined by Annie Bernatchez, a doctoral student and social scientist, and Ikram Abdul, a young animal rights activist, who will talk about how to take the action we all need to take to save the planet.

Join us for a moderator-led discussion followed by questions from the floor.

John Stone
Amber Dyck
Annie Bernatchez
Ikram Abdul