Welcome to Ottawa Veg Fest 2018!


Our mission: To educate and assist the public to embrace a more vegan-friendly life by bringing together the businesses, products and services that will make it easier and more meaningful.

Now in its ninth year, Ottawa Veg Fest has a proven track record of consistently delivering more than 5,000 highly qualified visitors to each event.  Ottawa residents have the highest median family income and highest education level of any city in Canada.

As a 100% vegan event, there is no other event like it in the Ottawa market. It attracts not only vegetarians and vegans, but also those who are generally health conscious, people interested in eating more ethically / sustainably, and locavores / foodies.

Most people who attend Ottawa Veg Fest come with the expectation of making purchases. Ottawa Veg Fest continues to offer the best consumer show value for businesses and organizations seeking to target these consumers in the Ottawa market. It has not only “at the show” opportunity, but also facilitates ongoing customer engagement, new customer acquisition, and offers broader exposure to this active and engaged community.

Want to exhibit at this VEGAN event?  Click here for more information 

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